NORTH KOREA · CONCRETE UTOPIA architecture and urbanism in service of an ideology Index Acknowledgements Preface 1. History of North Korean architectural revolution    From the liberation to the devastation (1945-1953)    Rebuilding at full velocity (1953-1960)    In search of a style (1960-1970)    The Golden Age (1970-1989)    Shock, catastrophe and dreams of revival (1989-2012) 2. Art in the service of a unique ideology    The Juche thought    Architecture, a monumental ideological weapon    The Leader, "the mind" of artistic creation    The architect, "a soldier" in the cultural battalion 3. Characteristics of the Juche architecture    "An architecture for our style"    Principles of composition    External influences 4. The architectural legacy of the Juche era    Town planning Socialist experiences Center of Pyongyang Residential quarters Green areas Rural urbanism People's palaces Cultural temples Sports coliseums Hotels Pyongyang Metro Monuments to the Leader Places for devotion to the Leader Monuments to the ideology Sanctuaries of the revolution Restored relics Epilogue Notes Literature Muñoz Moya Editores 2012  ISBN: 978-84-8010-235-3